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What is Eyelid Surgery?

Extra fat and drooping eyelids can make men look tired and old, and may eventually even obstruct lateral vision. In Columbus, OH, eyelid lift surgery, or blepharoplasty, is offered to men by skilled plastic surgeon, Dr. Jeffrey Donaldson, who actually concentrated part of his fellowship training on “oculo-plastic” surgery of the eyes.

During eyelid lift, both the upper and lower eyelids may be addressed. Upper blepharoplasty, or double eyelid surgery, is intended to remove excess skin and fat and to elevate the lids themselves when necessary. Lower blepharoplasty is designed to remove the dark circles and puffy bags under the eyes.

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About the Procedure

Dr. Donaldson and Dr. Sieffert perform these procedures on men is their state-of-the-art medical facility in Columbus, OH. Eyelid surgery is done on an outpatient basis with either local or general anesthesia. Incisions are hidden in the natural crease of the upper lids and beneath the lash line in the lower lids for ultimate discretion.

In Columbus, OH, eyelid surgery specialists Dr. Donaldson and Dr. Sieffert find this procedure to be extremely satisfying because it immediately rejuvenates the area surrounding the eyes and makes patients appear more rested and alert right away.

During your consultation with Dr. Donaldson or Dr. Sieffert, you may be asked to bring past photographs to our office in Columbus, OH. Eyelid surgery can restore your youthful features when careful attention to detail is applied, so call for a consultation today at or simply send us your contact information with the form to the left.

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